Here’s what I’m currently up to

This page serves as a regularly updated log of what I'm currently focused on 🧐, thinking about 🤔, and doing right now ⏲. This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ Now pages. A list of other 'Now' pages can be found at
📅 Last Updated: January 7, 2021


I’m currently working on an open-source travel agency Laravel based project. The goal here is to build a robust, optimized, and well-coded piece of software to quickly and easily create a travel agency portal 🎯. Besides that, I’m working with a selected freelance client base. But I’m also available for full-time job opportunities 🔭.


  • Testing: I’m expanding my knowledge in testing Laravel apps using PHPUnit, and the PestPhp testing framework 💪.
  • Building Laravel Packages: For years I’ve been fascinated by the Laravel packages founded by the folks at Spatie. So I’ve bought their course Laravel Package Training, and currently hacking my way into building my first package 🤩.
  • More of (AWS): To be honest, it’s not something that I’m doing right now, but rather a near future planned endeavor 😁.


I’ve got some ideas and thoughts to write about. So I will start publishing as soon as I finish any of them.

Working Out

Due to the pandemic, I’m currently working out at home with some resistance bands, and adjustable dumbbells.

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