Birdy Ecommerce Store

About Project

Birdy Store is an e-commerce online web store with items on sale under multiple categories. Users can register for new accounts, buy products, and make orders.

Early 2019 (about 3 years ago), this was my very first functional full-scale project I built from scratch as a web developer and that’s why I’m proud of this one the most. Of course, my coding skills and knowledge have improved a ton since then, but I always like to keep it around to remind myself of how it all began.

Key Features

  • Users can create new accounts - manage account info - view History of all orders.
  • Add products to the shopping cart, modify cart items & their quantities, make new orders, and checkout (via Stripe).
  • Make reviews and leave comments on products.
  • Track orders, check reviews history, and cart items in the account dashboard.
  • User notification system for order shipping status updates (via Mail).
  • Store offer sections such as Brands, Collections, Categories, Featured Products, Latest Products, Best Selling Products.
  • Shop products extensive search, filtering (by price), and sorting (newness, popularity, price).
  • Low stock product notifications for moderators.
  • Offers and discounts for products.
  • Admin panel for moderation.

My Role

The whole project was my work. Starting with planning the project concept and its implementation, modifying the prebuilt design, database design, and development.

Personal Project
Web, Admin Panel, Open Source

Tech Wrap-up

  • Built with PHP/Laravel.
  • Handling all app logic.
  • Handles checkout via Stripe API.
  • Admin panel to manage all products, categories, stores, brands, orders, users, user comments, user messages, and app settings.
  • Vanilla JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • Custom Google Maps API integration.
  • Stripe API integration.
  • Mailchimp API integration.