Lapeepe Online Learning

About Project

Lapeepe is a subscription-based learning platform where users can register a student, parent, or school account. Lapeepe offers a personalized approach for students through a variety of educational experiences. It provides curriculum exercises based on grades and skills. Parent and School accounts can enroll students, view their progress, and manage their accounts. The idea behind was originally inspired by sites such as, and

Key Features

  • Each grade level offers a set of skills that covers a typical curriculum. Each skill has multiple exercises, each of which offers multiple questions.
  • Users can register a new account (Student-Parent-School).
  • Students can be enrolled into any grade level, and then practice the skills for that grade.
  • Each exercise has a panel providing information about the time elapsed, time left (if the exercise is time-limited), and the student score so far during the exercise.
  • Students will get immediate feedback for each question answered. If the answer was correct, the next question or the final result will be shown. If the answer was wrong, the solution will be shown.
  • After completing a pre-defined set of exercises, the student will receive a certificate of completion with notifications sent to the student, and (parent/school).
  • Parent and School accounts can enroll students, and view their accounts info including scores, certificates, and completion status of every exercise. Also can modify or terminate student accounts linked to their account.
  • Admin panel for moderators.

My Role

  • Backend development of the project including the admin panel setup.
  • Frontend development Using JavaScript and JQuery together with JQuery UI.
  • Testing and deployment.
Lapeepe Academy
Web, Admin Panel

Tech Wrap-up

  • Built with PHP/Laravel.
  • Custom authorization and middleware for each user type.
  • Admin panel to manage all grades, skills, exercises, questions, users, visitor messages, and website settings.
  • Vanilla JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • Mainly to handle ajax requests to the server, exercise timer, and feedback notifications.
  • JQuery UI to help with question’s interactivity.