Monsha'at Fikra: Commercial Innovation Portal

About The Project

Fikra is an innovative portal launched by Monsha'at, aimed at empowering innovators and startups by providing them with resources, tools, and connections necessary for growth and success.

This platform focuses on fostering commercial innovation by linking startups with various entities, including governmental, private, and non-profit organizations, to create a supportive and sustainable ecosystem.

Fikra offers a comprehensive suite of services, including access to educational materials, networking opportunities, and event participation. The platform is designed to facilitate the adoption of emerging technologies and enhance the contribution of the digital economy to Saudi Arabia's GDP.

Key Features

  • Technical Features:
    • White label of QewamOS and qPioneers SaaS applications, customized to meet Monsha'at Fikra's specific requirements.
    • API integrations including MinIO for object storage, and a custom local hosted email service.
    • SSO authentication system integrated with Monsha'at servers.
    • Real-time notifications and secure video conferencing via Zoom API and Google Meet.
    • Hosted on Monsha'at servers.
    • Utilizes Laravel's suite of tools for efficient development and deployment.
  • Product Features:
    • Comprehensive dashboard for managing innovation activities and resources.
    • Programs for mentorship, training, and innovation support.
    • Access to a network of mentors, investors, and other startups.
    • Educational resources including courses, webinars, and workshops.
    • Tools for team collaboration, milestone tracking, and resource management.
    • Integration with third-party services and tools for enhanced functionality.

My Role

  • Led the customization and implementation of QewamOS and qPioneers to meet Monsha'at Fikra’s needs.
  • Collaborated with Monsha'at stakeholders to define project requirements and technical specifications.
  • Oversaw the integration of API services and ensured the platform's secure authentication system.
  • Conducted regular code reviews to maintain high standards of code quality and performance.
  • Worked closely with the team to design and implement robust system architecture and database structures.
  • Played a key role in integrating the platform with Qewam's core infrastructure, facilitating seamless operations.
Monsha'at Fikra
SaaS, White Label, MinIO, OKR, Education/Program Management

Tech Wrap-up

  • Monsha'at Fikra is a customized, white-label implementation of Qewam’s SaaS products, enhanced with additional integrations and features to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia.
  • Leveraging advanced technologies, the platform provides comprehensive support for startups and innovators.