Origi Foods

About Project

Origi Foods is a simple company website & mobile application which serves as an online portal to showcase the company’s products, allowing visitors to make orders online and request shipments.

Key Features

  • Users can browse the company’s products.
  • Users can make online orders and shipments, specifying the shipping destination location on google maps.
  • API for the mobile application, offering all of the web features.
  • Localization: Supports two languages (English - Arabic).
  • An admin panel for moderators.
  • SEO ready.

My Role

Apart from the frontend design and content creation, the whole project was my responsibility. Starting with the briefing, planning the project concept and its implementation, database design, development, testing, deployment, and supplying the mobile app development team with well-documented API.

Origi Food Industries
Web, Mobile, API, Admin Panel

Tech Wrap-up

  • Built with PHP/Laravel.
  • Handles all the API requests.
  • Admin panel to manage all products, orders, brands, categories, distributors, gallery, notifications, visitor messages, newsletter subscribers, and web/mobile app settings.
  • Admin dashboard graphs, and charts visualizing data metrics of the app visits both on daily basis and over a period of time.
  • Vanilla JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • Mainly to handle ajax requests to the server and managing the Data-Tables.
  • Custom Google Maps API integration.