qPioneers: Startup Hub

About The Product

qPioneers is a SaaS product designed to act as a comprehensive startup hub. It provides startup founders and their teams with a powerful dashboard to manage their entrepreneurial journey on Qewam's platform.

From registration and team management to program enrollment and educational resources, qPioneers offers a seamless experience to help startups achieve their milestones and goals.

Key Features

  • Technical Features:
    • Built on Qewam’s iPaaS platform for seamless integration with other products.
    • Multi-tenant system with centralized database architecture.
    • Uses GraphQL and REST API for efficient data handling and integration.
    • Hosted on multiple cloud service providers (AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure).
    • Live Notification system built using Ably API.
    • Zoom and Google Meet API integrations for video calls and online mentoring sessions.
    • Sentry for bug tracking and error monitoring.
    • AWS SES for cloud-based email services.
    • AWS S3 for cloud storage.
    • Google API integration (Google Drive for storage linking, Google Calendar for scheduling).
    • SAML2 and SSO for secure authentication.
    • Joan API for workspace and workshop reservations.
    • OpenAI chatGPT integration for advanced AI features.
    • AI module for enhanced analytics and decision-making support.
    • Laravel Forge for server management and application deployment.
    • Laravel Socialite for social authentication.
    • Laravel Horizon to monitor Redis queues.
    • Laravel Pulse to monitor application performance.
  • Product Features:
    • Comprehensive dashboard for startup management.
    • Startup founder and team member registration and management.
    • Program enrollment and progress tracking.
    • Educational resources including topics, lessons, and workshops.
    • Milestone achievement tracking.
    • Communication tools for interacting with program mentors.
    • Task management and progress tracking.
    • Workspace reservation system.
    • Online mentoring sessions via video calls (Zoom, Google Meet).
    • Goal setting and progress identification for each startup stage.
    • Real-time notifications and updates for program participants.
    • Integrated AI and ML features for enhanced decision-making.
    • Robust communication features, including email, messaging, and video conferencing.

My Role

  • Led the technical team in brainstorming sessions to design and implement new features, ensuring alignment with the overall product vision.
  • Worked hand-in-hand with developers, conducting code reviews and mentoring junior team members to foster a collaborative and productive environment.
  • Designed and implemented the system architecture and database schema to support the diverse needs of startup founders and teams.
  • Coordinated with the core platform developers to ensure qPioneers was effectively integrated into Qewam’s iPaaS, leveraging shared services such as authentication, team management, and subscription modules.
  • Engaged in cross-functional collaboration to lay the groundwork for the integration of new features and enhancements, aligning with the overall platform strategy.
  • Integrated essential APIs such as GraphQL, Laravel Nova, and cloud services to enhance the platform's functionality and user experience.
  • Participated in daily stand-ups and sprint planning meetings, contributing to the agile development process and ensuring timely delivery of features.
  • Focused on implementing robust security measures, including SSO and SAML2, to protect user data and comply with global standards.
qPioneers: Startup Hub
SaaS, Mentorship, Education, Bookings, Video Conferencing

Tech Wrap-up

  • qPioneers is a comprehensive SaaS platform built on Qewam’s iPaaS, designed to streamline and enhance the startup journey.
  • The platform leverages advanced technologies and integrations such as GraphQL, REST API, and various cloud services to provide a robust and scalable solution.
  • It features a multi-tenant architecture, AI and ML capabilities, and integrates various APIs to offer a seamless and efficient user experience.