Salis Express Shipping

About Project

Salis Express is a mobile app that offers International express deliveries, global freight forwarding, mail deliveries worldwide, and other customized logistic services through utilizing and consuming the DHL API various services.

Key Features

  • Users can create new account - manage account info & payment methods - view logs of shipments & payments.
  • Create new shipments (documents - parcels).
  • Shipment Tracking.
  • Access to shipment status.
  • Shipment calculator (Duty and Tax).
  • DHL location finder (available pick-up and drop-off points to send and receive packages)
  • Shipment Booking.
  • Package subscription-based system offering shipment discounts.
  • Merchants system to facilitate shipments pick-up and drop-off.
  • Customer service ticketing system.
  • SMS notifications utilizing “Nexmo/Vonage” API.
  • Online payment gateway utilizing “Moyasar” API.
  • Sending Notifications (via Firebase).
  • Typical company single-page website.
  • Admin panel for moderators.

My Role

  • Database design and setup.
  • Development of the backend, the mobile API, and the admin panel setup.
  • Setting up the DHL API services account and setting up required connections.
  • Implementation of various APIs into the project (DHL, Vonage, Moyasar payment gateway, and others…).
  • Delivering well-detailed API documentation for the mobile app development team.
Salis Express
Mobile, API, DHL, Admin Panel

Tech Wrap-up

  • Built with PHP/Laravel.
  • Handles all the API requests.
  • Implementation of payments (via Moyasar API).
  • Implementation of SMS notifications (via Nexmo/Vonage).
  • Firebase notifications.
  • Custom authorization and middleware for each user type.
  • Admin panel to manage all shipments, parcel different sizes, service centers, users, Payment gateway transactions, Firebase notifications, subscription packages, customer service tickets, user messages, newsletter subscribers, and app settings.
  • Vanilla JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • Mainly to manage the Data-Tables.