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Hello and welcome! 👋 I'm Amr Diab, a Senior Web Developer and Tech Lead dedicated to turning complex ideas into digital realities. Educated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and further certified in Scrum Mastery and Product Ownership from, my foundation is solidly rooted in both the academic and practical aspects of tech development.

Over the past decade, I've been deeply immersed in the tech industry, where I've collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop complex SaaS applications, sophisticated cloud infrastructures, and intricate integrations with a multitude of services across diverse sectors, including startup ecosystems, governmental entities, and large enterprises. My comprehensive understanding of the startup life cycle and an entrepreneurial approach empower me to tailor solutions that meet the unique challenges of any organization. My approach intertwines meticulous attention to detail with a strategic application of technology, transforming every project into a sophisticated and functional digital ecosystem.

My journey has been a fusion of continuous learning, adapting, and innovating, placing me uniquely at the crossroads of creativity and technological expertise. This blend empowers me to craft exceptional digital experiences that deliver both function and flair.

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Development & Databases

Development & Databases

PHP, Laravel, SQL, MySQL, GraphQL, REST API, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

Engineering & Architecture

Engineering & Architecture

System Design, Database Design, MVC, OOP, Design Patterns

Delivery & Methodologies

Delivery & Methodologies

Version Control (Git), Unit Testing, TDD, CI/CD, Composer, Cloud Services, Agile, Scrum

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March 2023 - Present

qPioneers & QOS Lead Developer

qPioneers: is an AI-powered SaaS platform and expert marketplace designed to empower startups and SMEs with access to top-tier consultancy and outsourcing services. This platform facilitates collaboration among startup founders and teams by providing tools for mentorship, incubation programs, expert sessions, and a comprehensive dashboard for managing educational roadmaps, deliverables, workspace bookings, and workshops.

QewamOS: is an all-in-one, cloud-based SaaS product tailored for incubators and accelerators to digitize and enhance their innovation and training programs. Built on Qewam’s integrated iPaaS, QewamOS offers features such as e-wallet, program management, OKR (Objectives and Key Results) management, and education management, making it an essential tool for managing all aspects of entrepreneurial development programs remotely.

  • Responsibilities:
    • Led the development team for QewamOS and qPioneers, ensuring both products align with Qewam’s mission to digitalize the entrepreneurial journey.
    • Oversaw the integration of advanced technologies and services, including GraphQL, Laravel Nova, and various APIs such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Zoom, enhancing product functionality and user experience.
    • Coordinated with product owners and other stakeholders to define product roadmaps, set technical standards, and ensure continuous innovation and alignment with market needs.
    • Implemented robust security measures, including SSO and SAML2, to safeguard user data and comply with global data protection regulations.
  • Achievements:
    • Successfully launched QewamOS, significantly enhancing the operational efficiency of incubators and accelerators globally by streamlining their program management processes.
    • Enhanced qPioneers by integrating a dynamic expert matching system, which increased user engagement and satisfaction by providing tailored expert interactions.
    • Drove the development of new features such as e-wallet and education management for QewamOS, which were pivotal in increasing platform adoption and user retention rates.
    • Recognized for excellence in leadership and innovation, receiving commendations for leading the team through several successful product iterations and updates.
Jul 2021 - March 2023

Qewam Senior Backend Developer

Qewam is at the forefront of digital entrepreneurship with its advanced integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS). The platform features a robust core that supports essential functionalities such as AI, authentication, and subscription management, enhancing the startup experience for founders globally.

Alongside its core, Qewam offers six distinct products, each standing as a standalone SaaS solution, tailored to various aspects of the entrepreneurial journey.

Focused on research and development, Qewam leverages advanced data algorithms and machine learning to decrease startup failure rates, providing founders with critical insights for strategic decisions. The company is dedicated to creating a comprehensive digital environment that nurtures startup growth and fosters innovation across the global entrepreneurial landscape.

  • Responsibilities:
    • Developed core components of a state-of-the-art iPaaS, enhancing the digital startup ecosystem.
    • Integrated multiple systems and services to streamline operations and improve functionality.
    • Collaborating with the product team to design and implement new features.
    • Led backend development for various digital products, ensuring scalability and robustness.
    • Implementing best practices and coding standards.
  • Achievements:
    • Developed a robust core system that supports multiple SaaS products.
    • Integrated AI and machine learning algorithms to enhance product functionality.
    • Significantly improved system architecture, leading to enhancement in performance.
    • Designed and implemented a subscription management system that increased user retention.
    • Pioneered the adoption of GraphQL, facilitating better data integration and management.
    • Implemented CI/CD pipelines that reduced deployment time by 50%.
Dec 2022 - Present

Muthlthat Co-founder and CTO

Muthlthat is an all-in-one platform revolutionizing the film industry through innovative technologies. Muthlthat provides a comprehensive suite of services, including an academy for film education, a vast database of filming locations, and an equipment reservation system, all powered by AI, ML, and the meta-verse.

  • Responsibilities:
    • Academy (MVP): Led the development and launch of Muthlthat's academy, utilizing AI, ML, and VR technologies to deliver immersive courses in filmmaking, directing, acting, and related fields. Oversaw the creation of the curriculum, platform design, and user experience, ensuring a high-quality educational experience for users.
    • Locations Database and Equipment Reservation System (Planned): Collaborated with the team in planning, designing, and conducting market research for Muthlthat's database of filming locations and equipment reservation system. Contributed to the business modeling and development strategies for these products, ensuring alignment with Muthlthat's vision and goals.
    • Collaboration: Worked closely with fellow co-founders and the technical team to drive innovation and maintain a cohesive vision for Muthlthat. Collaborated with stakeholders and external partners to expand Muthlthat's network and enhance its offerings.
  • Achievements:
    • Successfully launched Muthlthat's academy, receiving positive feedback and high user engagement within the film industry.
    • Played a key role in driving innovation within the film industry, positioning Muthlthat as a leader in utilizing cutting-edge technologies for film education and production.
    • Contributed to the strategic planning and development of Muthlthat's database and equipment reservation system, laying the foundation for future product launches and expansion.
Aug 2014 - Present

Freelance Tech Consultant & Fullstack Developer

Working remotely in partnership with startups, clients & organisations , advising them how to use software in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems.

  • Improving the structure and efficiency of IT systems.
  • Determining project parameters, timelines and deliverables.
  • Building web apps and APIs.
Jul 2019 – Aug 2020

Motaweron Fullstack Developer

Created multiple web applications, participating in the whole process of their development: product design and estimation, code design and development, DevOps, product launch, and maintenance.

  • Expanded upon my prior experience as a developer and applied my knowledge to building and collaborating on web applications in varying industries and natures, including: (Complex APIs and Micro-Services - Events Booking Systems - Online Tutoring Platforms – E-commerce Apps – DHL API based Apps – And more…).
  • Built a CRM System which eventually was adopted by the company as their system of choice for managing support tickets.
  • Collaborated with the team to build a powerful SaaS application that offers International express deliveries, and other logistic services utilizing and consuming the DHL API various services.
  • Proposed and led a transition from Azure DevOps Server version control to Git that reclaimed 25% of total working hours.
  • Applied my knowledge of SEO to improve projects ranking.
Jan 2019 – Jul 2019

Crowntech Backend Developer

  • Constructed a comprehensive CMS based system for a church to effectively track, manage, and organize their records, activities, events, and occasions replacing their old unmaintained system.
  • Collaborated with other developers building a travel agency and hotel management application serving both end-customers and staff.
Jan 2017 – Nov 2018

Oman Made Marketing Project Manager

This role taught me a lot about time management, project preparation, decision making, how to be action-oriented, and to anticipate problems early.

  • Led and coordinated a team of designers, content creators, and SEO Specialists serving dozens of clients all over the MENA region.
  • Developed strategies and tactics to boost the company's reputation and drive qualified traffic.
  • Was responsible for overseeing the successful completion of projects, and took part in the graphic design and creation of artwork.


2022 Certifications | PSMI™ & PSPOI™

  • Professional Scrum Master - PSMI™: Certified as a Professional Scrum Master, indicating a deep understanding of Scrum practices, principles, and values. This certification emphasizes my ability to facilitate team collaboration in agile environments, ensuring that projects progress efficiently and effectively.
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  • Professional Scrum Product Owner - PSPOI™: Certified as a Professional Scrum Product Owner, affirming my skills in fostering teamwork within Scrum teams to maximize product value and drive successful outcomes. This role involves close collaboration with stakeholders to ensure that product backlogs align with strategic goals.
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Menoufia University (FCI) | Bachelor of Information Technology

  • The curriculum provided a solid foundation in Information Technology, with a strong emphasis on Java-based programming. Additional studies covered essential technologies such as SQL, PHP, and MVC frameworks.
  • Comprehensive coursework in Networking, including Routing, Switching, and Security, prepared me for complex IT environments.
  • For my capstone project, I collaborated with a team to develop a Smart Home Automation system. We constructed an Arduino-UNO based model, employing C# for programming, to control various home appliances and sensors, demonstrating practical application of our theoretical knowledge.

MUFIX | Training & Boot camp

  • Built functional websites and web apps from scratch using multiple technologies and tools.
  • Built a custom-made PHP framework.

Cisco Networking Academy® | Cisco® CCNA Routing and Switching course

Completed a training course in Routing and Switching basics.


ISI Academy® | Web Design Fundamentals

Finished a training course in web design basics.

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